Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What to do when I just want to eat and eat

There are times when we just want to eat
junk food, greasy fried food, cheesy pizza, fatty food, ice cream, pretty cupcakes, apple pie, chocolate, etc
Sometimes we eat just because we're bored, or unhappy.

and if just gets worse if you're on a diet, coz you just want more of it.

So here's what you should say to yourself :
"I've got other important things to do in my life, exciting things, I'm living my life to the fullest.
My priority is to make my dreams come true and be happy in the journey.
I do enjoy good food, but more importantly, I choose to eat healthily.
So No.... I'm not missing out on eating junk food, they only make me gain weight and add to my cholesterol level. and yes they taste great for 5 minutes but they make me feel way too full and I'd feel uncomfortable, and not to mention feeling guilty for the next 2 hours.
I find happiness from other things in life, my job that I now enjoy and love, my accomplishments, shared laughter with families and friends, those are my source of happiness and my priorities in life"

Realize this and hopefully food won't be the focus point in your life anymore.

yes, you should enjoy your food, but you shouldn't let it be the source of your happiness.
you should NOT let it ruin your health and your fit-ness.
Focus on your dream life, Eating is not an escape from your boring daily life.
If your life is boring, change it !!

If you crave something so bad, and that particular food won't endanger yourself, allow yourself to eat it in small amount, but balance it with lots of fresh salad or vegetables or fruits.
Be smart and stay healthy.
and Focus on your life goal :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What to do when I have so much to do and so little time

So you have tons of things to do
more and more are piling
and there seem to be not enough time to finish them all
you're basically ovewhelmed !!

what to do ?

most of us would try to get out of it
try to escape from it, to postpone, to do it later

guess what..... doing it later doesn't make it easier
and it burdens you.... you may not think about it when you're watching TV/going out aka postponing
but it's there...... you feel guilty about not doing it and then there's more to do so you get stressed out more.
am i right ?

and doing it later doesn't make it go away either.
it won't vanish into thin air,
nobody else is gonna do it for you
so.... you have to eventually do it....
so delaying it won't do you any good because in the end, u realize that u just got more work to do and it's just adding stress to you.

so Here's what you should do :

1. Start doing it !!
yup... just do what you can.... start small... baby step right...
Know that you can't do it all at once, so you start by doing what you can
Don't think about the total amount of work you've got lined up for you.
Just focus on what you can do right now
Calm down, and
Do efficiently, Do your best and Don't rush it.
Just do the best that you can.
Hey.... you might as well enjoy the process :)
and by actually doing your To-Do-List / Work / Homework / Projects / etc etc, you feel good about yourself, you feel like you've accomplished something.... yup...there's more to do, but you feel good that you've done some of it.

“Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
St. Francis of Assisi

2. There'll always be unexpected things to do that will just add up to your" overwhelming" pile of work.
Be it the weather, a strike, earlier deadline, someone got a fever, etc etc
Don't stress out, stressing out is useless.....
Just do your best, efficiently.....
If it seem impossible, then try.... just try....
Take things lightly.... they're just small challenges that makes the journey more exciting
adrenaline rush, right ? ;p
sucks sometimes, but not all bad :)

3. Get help
(what ? u mean help from the experts? ;p ... no...)

if you can, ask for assistance from friends and families,
(swallow that pride...uhuh...)
Sometimes asking for help from others actually makes others feel good about themselves, yup...they feel good from helping you....It's just how it is....
Ask yourself, when you help someone out of their problem, How do you feel ?
Does that make you feel like you're a good person ?
Does that make you feel better about yourself ?
It does, doesn't it.
So...when you're stuck and really feel like you need help, go and ask for help :) it's okay....
just don't abuse the situation and ask for needless help.... that's annoying ;p

4. Know when it's time to rest
Don't push yourself too far
If you get sick.... you won't be able to do anything for days....
so Be smart, Work your best, but know when to rest and Rest !!

There it is....
Now Deep Breath .....
Face the world with a calming confidence :)
You can do it !

Friday, April 16, 2010

What to do when I'm bored and lazy and don't want to do anything

here's the thing

Most of us know what we're supposed to do
so.... to live life or to waste life
it's your choice !

we always postpone and procrastinate
"I'll do it later"
"I'll do it tomorrow"
how about "I'll do it never" ?
that's why in 5 years time you'll still be here while everyone else is closer to their dreams.
they move on....'re just stuck there because you're .... lazy ?
you're left behind.... so way behind
No accomplishments, No successes, No Life, Nothing
because you wasted it all away.... for what ? watching TV ?

Stop thinking "there's always tomorrow" coz there may not be even a "later"
you'll never know what happen in the future....
yea yea yea cliche
but it's true....
don't wait until one day you have nothing left, just regrets....

so what if your job suck ?
your life is hard ?
school's boring ?
then UNDO it !!!
make it fun, interesting, exciting
learn from it !!!

Don't fear life and its challenges !!
Face 'em and Triumph !!

so you think you're not good enough,
you're not smart enough
you're not talented enough
well... WORK HARD on it
and LOVE the process !!! it's supposed to be FUN
WE'RE ALL GOOD IN SOMETHING.... find what it is !!
We're all meant to shine !!!

or are you just afraid of rejection ?
afraid that you may not be good enough to do the things that you really wanna do ?
Do you really think that low of yourself ?
Do you really think that you are that BAD ?
well... wake up !!!
Everyone's talented !!
Others are good because they keep at it, they work hard and they love the whole process.
Competitions make them become better instead of feeling worried and insecure.
and There's enough for everyone !!
So Do !!

“Hide not your talents.
They for use were made.
What's a sundial in the shade.”
-Benjamin Franklin

Don't fear failure before you even start
Don't hide because you're afraid that you might get rejected or laughed at
Don't be afraid to do what you love, what you're meant to do


Be thankful that you still have the chance to do

Have fun in your journey to achieve your dream

Work on it and Have Fun

because that's just the way it is

Live your Life







Thursday, February 25, 2010

What to do when I'm wasting time

Know this :
Time is stop wasting it
Tick Tock

You'll regret it if it's too late and there's nothing that u can do about it
So Start Now....
Live your Life, Achieve something, Be someone, Do something meaningful
It's in you.

Your parents are not getting any younger either
Make your parents proud !!!
Make them happy !
They deserve it.
Take them on a trip to Europe :)

Be a Good person
Grow in Love
You can't do this if you keep wasting your time
You've asked God for opportunities and more time
but you've been slacking and you haven't done anything at all
well... here's your chance to shine
You have to GET UP and START NOW
Achieve your dreams
it won't happen if you say "Later" or "in 5 minutes"

Start Now, start living your life
start now before it's too late
Make them proud !!

Everyone is equal !!

Know that we're all very flawed, we're not perfect
We're not superior than others, We're not any better
Treat others with respect no matter what

Strip yourself of your title, power, money, skin/beauty, son/daughter of
and you'll find that We are all Equal !!

and Everyone is GIFTED in something !
so stay humble, respect, and you might even learn something from them.

and Always be Grateful !!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What to do when I'm procrastinating my New Year's resolution ?

(aka what to do when I'm a lazy-ass-procrastinator all the time ?)

Yup... it's new year
the time for our New Years resolutions
the time for any resolutions
the time to "start"

but have you ? have we ? have I ?
No !!!
I just get so lazy and I keep on procrastinating

okay... quick recap

Last year...a dear family member passed away and I promised I'd "start"
(start working hard to achieve my dreams and make my parents proud, start being on time, start to stay "awake", just start on everything)
so I did start..... not full on though

A few months back, a 5 minute earthquake, maybe 7.2 richter scale
I said that I wasn't ready to die, so I'll "start"
but I still watch to much TV and still websurf just a tad bit too much

Every now and then, at night, I'd realize that I haven't accomplished much in life and I promise myself and ask Him to give me more time to live my life to the fullest
Every morning, I wake up rather late and yes.... I get lazy to start.
I still sit around too much doing things that are not very productive.

So now.... I'm not going to tell myself what to do when I'm procrastinating.
I'm going to act like a mother that's lose all hope towards her kid, but who still believes in her little girl and is still waiting until she changes into a better person.
""You've been given all the luxury and comfort in life, yet you choose to just sit around waiting for wonderful things to happen to you, you choose to procrastinate every single day. How are you not ashamed of yourself ? If you don't change, one day will come where you'll regret everything in life and it'll be too late"

The time is now, don't sit around until everything's taken away from you in a blink of an eye where you're left with absolutely nothing.
Live your life now.
Change requires a whole lot of hard work, patience, a strong will and motivation, determination, perseverance
and it can get lonely too, but you've had a whole life of easiness.
So now is the time to change, be discipline, be hard working, be succesful, be enthusiastic, be kind, be humble, be happy, be meaningful, be useful, be ready when the time comes.
Be someone that your parents and God can be proud of.
The choice is yours and I'm sure you'll make the right one :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

What to do when I "hate" my family

So you have a fight with your mum/dad or your sis/bro
You're so freakin annoyed, you feel like punching ur bro in the face.
You feel like exploding, You can't stand them anymore
You wanna move out of the house.
You don't wanna think of them as family anymore

But HEY !!
It will pass !! Trust me, it will.
Get a diversion, cool off, calm down
Do something positive, Exercise or Go take a walk, whatever
Before you know it, you forgot the reason you fought with them in the first place.
Before you even realize it, you start talking to them again and start laughing about everything again.
Just think about the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you spend good times with them, don't you wanna have that instead of feeling miserable ?
Think about how protected and safe you are when they got your back.
So why choose to feel miserable ?

There's no "I win" if you give them the silent treatment
There's no "I lose" if you start talking to them first.
You guys need each other, even though sometimes you don't admit it, You do need them.
They're Family
It's all that matters
You fight with them, you argue with them
but you'll always be there for each other no matter what
They'll always be there for you.

Just imagine if it's the end of the world.
You only have 10 minutes before everything comes to an end.
You know what....
You won't even think of all the annoying stuff that they did
You'll see only good things in them
You forgive all,
You'd wanna spend the last minutes with them.
You'll feel warm and light inside
You'll want more time to spend time with them

and Why wait till it's too late ?
You have them now right in front of you
It's your choice