Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What to do when I can't control my anger

I am so mad,
They don't even realize their mistakes.
They are so fake and pretentious.
They won't admit their mistakes.
They lied to me.
Their fault is unforgivable
So what do you do ?
You can't control yourself.
You are angry at them.
You are angry at yourself for not able to solve the problem.

What to do if I can't stop being angry ?
it's the same as :
What to do when I refuse to Let go ?
What to do when I refuse to Forget and Forgive ?

It's a choice.
You have to make a choice.
and It's totally your choice.

Do you want to stay angry ?
Do you want to be sick ?
Yes... anger and grudge and stress and sadness makes you SICK !!!
It's not a myth, it's a Reality.

It's also true that laughter and happiness and letting go and forgiveness HEALS !!
So the choice is up to you !!
It's entirely your decision to make.

They probably won't stop making their mistakes.
They probably will stay the bad guys forever.
But it's not your problem.
It's their problem.
What you need to do is to not allow them disturb you.
What happened is already in the past.
You are still angry for what happened in the past.
Live in the Now,
Let go, Forget, Forgive and Be sincerely Happy with your Present Life and Move towards your Future.

"But I'm not that guy who takes things lightly and forgets.
I'm not him who smiles at the person who has robbed him of everything."
You wanna know what the truth is ?
It's hard for him too !! But he chose to Let go, to Forgive and to Move on.
He chose to have a good happy Life.

It's the same choice for you.
and the Good News is , It's entirely your choice.
No one will take over and decide for you.
Choose to Let go,
Choose to be Healthy,
Choose to Forgive,
Choose to Move on.
Choose to be Happy.
and You will be :)