Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What to do when I'm procrastinating my New Year's resolution ?

(aka what to do when I'm a lazy-ass-procrastinator all the time ?)

Yup... it's new year
the time for our New Years resolutions
the time for any resolutions
the time to "start"

but have you ? have we ? have I ?
No !!!
I just get so lazy and I keep on procrastinating

okay... quick recap

Last year...a dear family member passed away and I promised I'd "start"
(start working hard to achieve my dreams and make my parents proud, start being on time, start to stay "awake", just start on everything)
so I did start..... not full on though

A few months back, a 5 minute earthquake, maybe 7.2 richter scale
I said that I wasn't ready to die, so I'll "start"
but I still watch to much TV and still websurf just a tad bit too much

Every now and then, at night, I'd realize that I haven't accomplished much in life and I promise myself and ask Him to give me more time to live my life to the fullest
Every morning, I wake up rather late and yes.... I get lazy to start.
I still sit around too much doing things that are not very productive.

So now.... I'm not going to tell myself what to do when I'm procrastinating.
I'm going to act like a mother that's lose all hope towards her kid, but who still believes in her little girl and is still waiting until she changes into a better person.
""You've been given all the luxury and comfort in life, yet you choose to just sit around waiting for wonderful things to happen to you, you choose to procrastinate every single day. How are you not ashamed of yourself ? If you don't change, one day will come where you'll regret everything in life and it'll be too late"

The time is now, don't sit around until everything's taken away from you in a blink of an eye where you're left with absolutely nothing.
Live your life now.
Change requires a whole lot of hard work, patience, a strong will and motivation, determination, perseverance
and it can get lonely too, but you've had a whole life of easiness.
So now is the time to change, be discipline, be hard working, be succesful, be enthusiastic, be kind, be humble, be happy, be meaningful, be useful, be ready when the time comes.
Be someone that your parents and God can be proud of.
The choice is yours and I'm sure you'll make the right one :)