Thursday, February 25, 2010

What to do when I'm wasting time

Know this :
Time is stop wasting it
Tick Tock

You'll regret it if it's too late and there's nothing that u can do about it
So Start Now....
Live your Life, Achieve something, Be someone, Do something meaningful
It's in you.

Your parents are not getting any younger either
Make your parents proud !!!
Make them happy !
They deserve it.
Take them on a trip to Europe :)

Be a Good person
Grow in Love
You can't do this if you keep wasting your time
You've asked God for opportunities and more time
but you've been slacking and you haven't done anything at all
well... here's your chance to shine
You have to GET UP and START NOW
Achieve your dreams
it won't happen if you say "Later" or "in 5 minutes"

Start Now, start living your life
start now before it's too late
Make them proud !!