Friday, April 16, 2010

What to do when I'm bored and lazy and don't want to do anything

here's the thing

Most of us know what we're supposed to do
so.... to live life or to waste life
it's your choice !

we always postpone and procrastinate
"I'll do it later"
"I'll do it tomorrow"
how about "I'll do it never" ?
that's why in 5 years time you'll still be here while everyone else is closer to their dreams.
they move on....'re just stuck there because you're .... lazy ?
you're left behind.... so way behind
No accomplishments, No successes, No Life, Nothing
because you wasted it all away.... for what ? watching TV ?

Stop thinking "there's always tomorrow" coz there may not be even a "later"
you'll never know what happen in the future....
yea yea yea cliche
but it's true....
don't wait until one day you have nothing left, just regrets....

so what if your job suck ?
your life is hard ?
school's boring ?
then UNDO it !!!
make it fun, interesting, exciting
learn from it !!!

Don't fear life and its challenges !!
Face 'em and Triumph !!

so you think you're not good enough,
you're not smart enough
you're not talented enough
well... WORK HARD on it
and LOVE the process !!! it's supposed to be FUN
WE'RE ALL GOOD IN SOMETHING.... find what it is !!
We're all meant to shine !!!

or are you just afraid of rejection ?
afraid that you may not be good enough to do the things that you really wanna do ?
Do you really think that low of yourself ?
Do you really think that you are that BAD ?
well... wake up !!!
Everyone's talented !!
Others are good because they keep at it, they work hard and they love the whole process.
Competitions make them become better instead of feeling worried and insecure.
and There's enough for everyone !!
So Do !!

“Hide not your talents.
They for use were made.
What's a sundial in the shade.”
-Benjamin Franklin

Don't fear failure before you even start
Don't hide because you're afraid that you might get rejected or laughed at
Don't be afraid to do what you love, what you're meant to do


Be thankful that you still have the chance to do

Have fun in your journey to achieve your dream

Work on it and Have Fun

because that's just the way it is

Live your Life