Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What to do when I just want to eat and eat

There are times when we just want to eat
junk food, greasy fried food, cheesy pizza, fatty food, ice cream, pretty cupcakes, apple pie, chocolate, etc
Sometimes we eat just because we're bored, or unhappy.

and if just gets worse if you're on a diet, coz you just want more of it.

So here's what you should say to yourself :
"I've got other important things to do in my life, exciting things, I'm living my life to the fullest.
My priority is to make my dreams come true and be happy in the journey.
I do enjoy good food, but more importantly, I choose to eat healthily.
So No.... I'm not missing out on eating junk food, they only make me gain weight and add to my cholesterol level. and yes they taste great for 5 minutes but they make me feel way too full and I'd feel uncomfortable, and not to mention feeling guilty for the next 2 hours.
I find happiness from other things in life, my job that I now enjoy and love, my accomplishments, shared laughter with families and friends, those are my source of happiness and my priorities in life"

Realize this and hopefully food won't be the focus point in your life anymore.

yes, you should enjoy your food, but you shouldn't let it be the source of your happiness.
you should NOT let it ruin your health and your fit-ness.
Focus on your dream life, Eating is not an escape from your boring daily life.
If your life is boring, change it !!

If you crave something so bad, and that particular food won't endanger yourself, allow yourself to eat it in small amount, but balance it with lots of fresh salad or vegetables or fruits.
Be smart and stay healthy.
and Focus on your life goal :)